Using Amazon Coins for Hearthstone

The recent changes to Hearthstone have driven many players to look for alternative ways to save money on their next pack purchase. Luckily for them, using Amazon coins is by far the best way to save money while still maximizing your chances at scoring legendaries. For those that have never used Amazon coins to purchase …

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🎁 How To Gift Amazon Coins

Amazon added the ability to send other users Amazon Coins in late December 2013 so people could gift their friends and family the coins before the holiday season ended. The actual process of gifting the coins is actually surprisingly simple and just requires you to have an Amazon account: Navigate to the Amazon Coins page. …

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📈 Amazon Coins Price History

If you’re looking for the best time to stock up on Amazon Coins then looking at it’s price history is generally the best place to start. Historically Amazon has offered steep discounts on coin bundles around Prime Days though in recent years they’ve been discounting them on seemingly random days. We’ve broken down the most …

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