Using Amazon Coins for Hearthstone

The recent changes to Hearthstone have driven many players to look for alternative ways to save money on their next pack purchase. Luckily for them, using Amazon coins is by far the best way to save money while still maximizing your chances at scoring legendaries. For those that have never used Amazon coins to purchase Hearthstone packs it may seem like a bit of a hassle, but considering you’ll save at least 20% of your money it’s well worth it.

We’ll go point-by-point and address the most common questions people have regarding using Amazon coins for your next Hearthstone pack purchase.

The Best Amazon Coin Deals For Hearthstone

The discount on Amazon coins varies significantly depending on the amount of coins you want to purchase. The table below shows all of the available denominations and the discount they offer:

Buy Now
300 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
500 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
1,000 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
2,500 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
5,000 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
10,000 Amazon Coins
Buy Now
50,000 Amazon Coins
Buy Now

Generally speaking, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid buying Amazon coins in bundles less than 2,500 as you won’t be getting much of a discount. Remember that the coins themselves don’t expire so if you do end up buying the 50,000 coin bundle you don’t have to spend it all at once and you can always save some for the next expansion.

In addition to the maximum 20% discount Amazon offers for buying in bulk, you can save an additional 5% if you use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card through their cashback offer. This requires you to have both Amazon Prime (which lets be honest, you probably already have) and you’ll need to apply for it online which will take a few minutes, but the 5% cashback applies to all purchases on Amazon so really you should have it already. For detailed instructions on how to get the card and maximize your discount we have a full guide on that subject already.

You can also get some bonus free coins from a variety of promotions which should help you save even more money.

How Many Amazon Coins Per Hearthstone Pack?

Each Amazon coin by default is worth $.01, meaning that without discounts 100 Amazon coins is the same as $1.00. Of course, once you factor in the different discounts this price comes down significantly and can have a pretty dramatic impact on the total price you pay per Hearthstone pack:

And that’s not all! You can save an additional 5% if you buy the coins with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card as well! The savings really start adding up when you factor in all of the potential discount opportunities.

How To Use Amazon Coins to Buy Hearthstone Packs

In order to use the Amazon coins to buy Hearthstone packs you’ll need either an Android device or a Fire Tablet/Television. If you don’t have either of those don’t worry, you can always use an Android emulator so you can do it right from your computer. It’s a few extra steps but you only need to use it when redeeming the coins and then you can go right back to using your favorite device.

How to Buy Hearthstone Packs With Amazon Coins on your PC

In order to redeem the Amazon coins you’ve purchased you’ll need to run Hearthstone through the Amazon App store and if you don’t have an Android or Fire device then that means you’ll have to use an emulator:

  1. Download the LDPlayer Android Emulator.
  2. Download the Amazon App Store APK for Android.
  3. Run the LDPlayer .exe installer which will download & install the necessary contents. When it’s finished installing, click start.
  4. Install the Amazon App Store APK by pressing CTRL+3 in your LDPlayer or by clicking the APK icon on the right side of the emulator. Navigate to where you downloaded the APK file and let it install. Once the Amazon App Store has been installed it should automatically run.
  5. Login to your Amazon account.
  6. At the top of the Amazon App Store there should be a search bar that reads ‘Search Apps & Games’ – type in Hearthstone and click ‘Get’ to begin downloading it onto your emulator. After it finishes downloading and installing, open it up and let it patch.
  7. Sign into your Hearthstone account and navigate to the shop.
  8. Make sure to select ‘Amazon coins’ as your payment method when checking out.

And that’s it! You don’t have to actually play any games or anything, once you’ve purchased the packs with your Amazon coins you can exit out and login to Hearthstone from your regular device.

How to Buy Hearthstone Packs With Amazon Coins on your Android Device

In order to spend your Amazon coins you’ll need to have the Amazon App Store installed on your android device. Don’t worry, it’s much simpler than you think:

  1. In order to install the Amazon App Store you’ll need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from the ‘Lock screen and security’ tab in your settings page:

  2. Download the Amazon App Store onto your Android device.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, open it up and install it. After you’ve installed it you should be prompted to login to your Amazon account.
  4. In the search bar at the top of the screen type in Hearthstone and click ‘Get’ and let it download and install.
  5. Once Hearthstone has been installed, run the game and let it patch up before logging in.
  6. Login to your Hearthstone account, click the store icon and when checking out just choose to pay with Amazon coins.

Simple! Don’t worry about enabling the ‘Unknown sources’ option on your Android device – it’s perfectly safe and Amazon is obviously a trusted party so you don’t have to worry about any shenanigans.