๐Ÿ“‹ What Are Amazon Coins & How To Spend Them

Amazon Coins were launched in mid 2013 as a digital currency that allows the user to purchase anything from games and apps to microtransactions. They became especially popular on several games that offer microtransactions thanks to the significant discounts you can get – up to 20% – when you purchase the coins in bulk. And since they never expire, you can purchase safely purchase even the largest quantities and simply save them for when you need them the most.

The value of Amazon coins is pretty simple to determine – one coin is worth $.01, which means 100 coins equals $1.00 USD upon redemption. But thanks to the large discounts that are offered you can get significant bang for your buck:

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300 Amazon Coins
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500 Amazon Coins
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1,000 Amazon Coins
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2,500 Amazon Coins
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5,000 Amazon Coins
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10,000 Amazon Coins
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50,000 Amazon Coins
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As you can see in the table above, the largest discount (20%) kicks in when you purchase 50,000 coins at a time. But even smaller denominations offer significant discounts as 2,500 coins offers a 13% discount.

We even wrote up a guide on how to get the absolute best prices on Amazon Coins so you can maximize your savings!

How To Get Amazon Coins

All you need to purchase Amazon Coins is an account on Amazon.com. Simply navigate to the ‘Buy Coins‘ page, select the amount of coins you’d like to purchase and check out as you would on any other product. If you’d prefer you can also buy them as a gift for someone else, all you have to do is select the ‘Gift Coins’ option and fill out the recipients email address, name, your name, message and the delivery date.

Alternatively if you have a promo code for Amazon Coins you can redeem them on the ‘Claim Coins‘ page. You can receive these promo codes from a variety of sources, including temporary promotions held by Amazon or even as compensation by customer support. Keep in mind that while purchased and gifted coins will not expire, promotional coins will expire after one year so you’ll want to spend them as soon as possible.

You can also see a complete history of your account’s Amazon Coin transactions from the ‘Your Coins Account‘ page. This includes your current coins balance, purchases, earnings, expired promotional coins, claims and what you spent your coins on.

Note that Amazon will not add a sales tax when you purchase the coins, but you will be charged any relevant taxes when you redeem them.

How To Spend Amazon Coins

In order to use Amazon Coins you’ll need one of the following devices:

  • Any Android device.
  • A Fire tablet.
  • A Fire TV.

At the moment there is no way to redeem Amazon Coins on iOS. However, if you want to redeem the coins for microtransactions you can always use a secondary Android device to login to your account and redeem them before switching back to your iOS device. This works well for a variety of games allow you to login from either iOS or Android, like Hearthstone.

Then simply login to your Amazon account on that device and visit the app store to make a purchase. While many of the most popular apps they offer may be free to download they will likely offer you a variety of different microtransactions which you can pay for with the coins themselves. For instance, downloading Hearthstone is free but all of the in-app purchases can be made with Amazon Coins which will allow you to save up to 20%.

What Can I Buy With Amazon Coins?

Currently you can use your Amazon coins to make in-app purchases or to purchase apps themselves from Amazon’s app store. Some of the most popular titles that people use their coins on are:

And you can outright purchase popular games such as:

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions people have regarding Amazon Coins.

Can I use Amazon Coins to purchase movies or television shows?

At this time, no. Currently you can only use Amazon Coins to purchase games, applications and in-app microtransactions.

What are promotional coins exactly?

Promotional coins are simply any coin that you didn’t pay for or receive as a gift from someone who did pay for them. From time to time Amazon may offer you these promotional coins if you make a purchase in the app-store or download a specific app. The discounted coins you receive when you make a purchase are not counted as promotional coins and will thus never expire.

Do Amazon Coins expire?

Amazon Coins that you purchase or are gifted to you DO NOT expire. Only promotional coins will expire after 365 days from the date you acquired them.

If I have both promotional and regular Amazon Coins on my account, which will be spent first when I make a purchase?

Amazon will always deduct your promotional coins first when you make a purchase. Once you’ve used up all of your promo coins, then Amazon will begin deducting your regular coins.

Does Amazon collect sales tax when I purchase Amazon Coins?

Amazon does not collect sales tax when you first buy the coins, but you are charged sales tax when you spend the coins on apps or microtransaction purchases.

Can I return or refund Amazon Coins?

Amazon currently does not allow refunds of any kind when purchasing Amazon Coins. If you purchase them as a gift and select a delivery date that’s in the future you can always cancel the order before it goes through, but once the order is processed Amazon will not provide a refund. All coin purchases are final.

Can I transfer redeemed Amazon Coins from one Amazon account to another?

No. Once the coins have been added to your account, you cannot transfer them to another Amazon account. If you want coins on another account you’ll need to use the gift option and purchase more in order to send them to someone else. You can never gift or transfer coins that have been credited to your account.

Can I see my Amazon Coins transaction history?

Yes, you can see a comprehensive history of all transactions done with Amazon Coins on your ‘Your Coins Account‘ page.

Are Amazon Coins available to people outside of the United States?

Yes, you can purchase, receive or redeem Amazon Coins if you live in any of the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Australia

If you live outside of any of these regions unfortunately you cannot participate in the Amazon Coins program. Keep in mind that you can only use the coins in the same country you purchased them in. So if you change your country settings you may be unable to use the coins you’ve previously purchased in your new country.